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HeapTrace Technology is a fastest growing IT services and solutions company in Pune. We partner with our clients to simplify, strengthen and transform their businesses. We ensure the highest levels of certainty and satisfaction through our deep-set commitment, comprehensive industry expertise and a global network of innovation and delivery centers.

Meet The Team

Our Professionals

Management Team

Mul S

Founder & CEO

Shweta P

Managing Director

Amol W

Director of Engineering

GauriShankar S

Lead SDET & Practice Head

Ramesh S

Business Manager

Hitesh N

Executive Assistant

Business Development Team

Vaishnavi B

Senior Business Development Associate

Human Resource Team

Kalyani Z

HR Associate

Aishwarya A

HR Associate

Swar S

HR Associate

Harsh K

HR Associate

Company Overview

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Our Credentials

HeapTrace Technology is the developer of a powerful IT automation platform aimed at helping IT professionals to increase efficiency and productivity.

HeapTrace Technology is a business and information technology services company leveraging deep industry and functional expertise.

We offers a range of expert solutions aimed at helping customers re-engineer and re-invent their businesses to compete successfully in an ever changing marketplace and consistently improve their time to market. HeapTrace Development Centre in Pune (India) delivers customized IT solutions and services for multiple industries including HealthCare, E-commerce, Enterprise Data Archive & Migration, Travel & Hospitality, Media & Entertainment, Education / eLearning, Internet of Things‎, Real Estate Banking & Finance and Retail.

Software Development, Software Maintenance, Quality Assurance and Testing, Technical Support, R&D and Technology Consultation, CRM, Travel and Hospitality, Retail & Distribution, Ecommerce, Enterprise Content Management, Offshore Software Development, IT Services, microservices architecture, enterprise services, DevOps, Blockchain, Advanced Analytics, Agile Management, API Management, Cloud Solutions, and Architecture and Technology Services

INDIA: (+91) 8806960202
USA: (+1) 347-809-3003
Our Email
Job: hra@heaptrace.com
Business: service@heaptrace.com
HeapTrace Technology Pvt. Ltd. Tatvam Vertex, Vishal Nagar, Pune, 411027, India
Sales Office

244 Fifth Avenue, Suite S224,
New York – 10001, USA

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