Application Security

Why Hire Our Application Security Services?

We deliver a comprehensive range of application security services for managed application security projects -right from helping customers develop seamless security into the software development lifecycles to configuring and tuning web application firewalls and performing application security design and assessment.

Comprehensive Software Application Security Assessment and Consulting

Software vulnerabilities are serious threats. Still, businesses continue struggling to secure the respective applications. As apps become more complex and feature-centric, client-server apps, mobile apps, and web apps, finding and resolving the increasing volume of security vulnerabilities only becomes harder. 

Security teams within organizations are mostly not clear about all the apps that they manage. As software developers are not security professionals, security is not one of their topmost priorities. Due to this, several apps are not secure while not meeting compliance requirements. Without an effective approach to secure application development, you will run the risk of potential breaches that can impact the reputation of your company and its bottom line.

Top-notch Software Application Security Services for Your IT Business

Got complex security challenges? We have got the solutions! We help in securely building, deploying, and iterating applications everywhere by transforming standard operations into secure operations -including tooling, people, and processes. 

At Heaptrace, we offer top-quality application security assessments along with bespoke application security consulting services. We are committed to improving your application security while preventing data breaches. Contact us now to know more!

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Unified Processes, People, and Technology

We help in planning, designing, implementing, integrating, and deploying security strategically across every step of the development lifecycle. We feature shared skill sets along with collaborative help to transform technology, processes, and people into the best practices backed by our several years of excellence.

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Increased Quality, Cost Reduction, and Regulatory Compliance

We empower the best-in-class practices to reduce application security defects early in the software development lifecycle. This helps in reducing the expenses related to fixing software vulnerabilities while improving compliance with government and industry regulations.

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Secure Acceleration Development and Innovation

We enable security automation along with integration into a continuous deployment pipeline. Our comprehensive application security training online or onsite can help in driving productivity between security and DevOps for rapid innovation. We also ensure security-focused software development services.

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Application Penetration Testing Services

The total number of applications you require to ensure testing can easily run into several hundred. With us, you can find and prioritize top-risk application flaws such that you are aware of what you need to focus on.

Our Comprehensive Application Security Services

At Heaptrace, our application security experts execute application security assessments in a tool-assisted and human-based way. We execute manual tests along with dynamic analysis and security review tools and source codes. We apply application security solutions when reasonable and necessary. 

Our advanced application security services span web-based application penetration testing solutions along with mobile-based application security testing services. With us, you can be assured of web services penetration testing and the implementation of DevOps practices. We help in the prevention of cyber attacks, ransomware, service outages, and data breaches. 

Application Security Testing Services

At Heaptrace, we perform black-box application security-based testing checks on your software for exploitable vulnerabilities. Our revolutionary web application security solutions are always in high demand as web-based technologies continue dominating the Internet.
We make use of the best application security practices along with manual penetration testing techniques. We also offer access to the best tools for mobile and web app penetration testing.

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Application Security Consulting

To consumers who are willing to use the best practices for application security in the software development lifecycle, we offer a wide range of application security consulting solutions -right from application security assessments, development processes, application security architecture review, and integration of application security software solutions.

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Threat Modeling Services

Threat modeling is all about asking relevant questions -What to do? What can go wrong? How can it be fixed? How can it be checked if that is enough? Our threat modeling solutions help us imagine future threats while dealing with them in the present.

DevSecOps Consulting

At certain instances in the software development lifecycle, speed remains crucial. What in case there are only a few minutes in the CD/CI pipeline to be spent on application security? You can try out our best range of DevSecOps practices with the help of revolutionary DevSecOps tools. You can leverage DevSecOps pipelines through relevant integrations.

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Infrastructure Security Consulting

The IT world runs on software featuring complex integrations along with an array of areas to launch risks. In some cases, expert help can go a long way in ensuring strategic risk reduction. With end-to-end access to our specialists, we specialize in the field of attack simulations along with cloud-based security configuration.


At Heaptrace, we offer dedicated application penetration testing solutions for native, mobile, and web applications. We also deliver comprehensive application security assessment services for ensuring a secure software development lifecycle. We spent a good amount of time on comprehensive mobile and web application penetration testing. Our application penetration testing services include network penetration and cloud-based security assessments of the application infrastructure.

With us, you can ensure the overall security of your applications through in-depth application security vulnerability assessment and securing software development solutions. Our team is committed to finding bugs or errors in the software application. We also apply proven security practices to the entire software development lifecycle.

Mobile and web application penetration is a dedicated range of application-based security services conducted by our experts to find as well as resolve software-based security bugs. Application penetration testing is performed by our team of skilled and experienced specialists. We ensure the delivery of top-quality application penetration testing results through the use of a creative testing approach, impressive business logic analysis, in-depth planning depending on the application threat model, and the right composition of the project team.

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