Application Support and Maintenance Services

Get Access to Professional App Management and Help Desk Support

Heaptrace’s application support and maintenance services help in improving customer satisfaction while achieving optimum app availability, speeding up backlog implementation, and reducing operational costs. Our application support and maintenance services allow clients to reinvent their business continues to fulfil IT goals to align with their business needs. Contact our team now!

Transforming Your Business with High-end Application Support and Maintenance Services

Our team of application experts delivers support and maintenance services for minimizing risks, ensuring reduced costs, and improving ROI as we do not allow maintenance costs to get into the development budget. At Heaptrace, we understand that application support and maintenance can be overwhelming even in the most functional organizations. As businesses continue growing, products and applications might require access to professional support and maintenance to keep pace with the ever-growing demands.

When you outsource the managed range of services for application support and maintenance to a reliable team like Heaptrace, it will allow your organization to allocate important resources whenever needed the most. At Heaptrace, our application management domain can offer businesses relevant support and maintenance for complex applications at different levels personalized as per their specific requirements. Our immense expertise in the given field ranges across multiple databases, software systems, languages, platforms, and enterprise-grade applications. For more details, contact our team now!

Obtain Maximized Business Value with Us

At Heaptrace, our innovative application support and maintenance services allow businesses to migrate high-end applications seamlessly. We conduct regular assessments while delivering constant improvements, automated applications, and efficient optimization. Our advanced web application support and maintenance services allow a business enterprise to ensure improved work efficiency along with greater stability and better utilization of available resources without wasting any time or money. With our immense application support and maintenance expertise, we make sure that businesses are capable of driving more value out of their IT products.

When you make use of our bespoke application support and maintenance services, some of the business benefits you can expect are:

Improved Efficiency

Maximize efficiency with our systematic approach to execution. Our approach is focused on in-depth system progress as we help you accelerate business practices.

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Improved Flexibility

Leverage our immense capabilities, flexible engagement models, and approaches that are customized to meet your unique business needs.

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Higher Scalability

With the help of our innovative SLAs and progressive agreement matrix, we offer highly scalable solutions that are seamless to configure and grow.

Proactive Monitoring

Obtain a 360-degree view of the power of application networks and security support to come up with fragility. You can also avoid unpredicted disruptions to processes.

Our Comprehensive Application Support and Maintenance Services

With unparalleled maintenance services, ample in-house IT resources, and improved resolution timeframes & responses, we help you achieve smoother introduction of applications and rapid upgrades for end customers.

Performance Monitoring

Ensure higher accessibility and top-class performance of the applications as you address important issues related to monitoring and maintenance. We also help in solving challenges and ensuring proactive consideration of relevant customer feedback.

Application Maintenance

Make use of our portfolio-based strategies related to technology, public services, and information planning as we allow you to leverage unique business objectives, applications, and methods for your organization.

Application Improvement

Migrate from ‘it works’ on the cloud server to a real production environment setting. With us, you can effectively scale up or down to maximize performance of the software through seamless application improvement.

Application Migration & integration

Optimize high-end IT environments for ensuring maximum performance and improved productivity with our top-class solutions. We help in effectively integrating business applications, systems, and data.

Application Re-engineering

You can now overcome the challenges that maintenance engineers and programmers have to face as far as serving legacy applications is concerned. With us, you can deploy re-engineering services to transform legacy applications.

Application Support

Identify issues and search for vulnerabilities before their occurrence. With us, you can find solutions ensuring consistent delivery of value while adding to organizational efficiency. We help with customized application support modules.

Heaptrace Application Support and Maintenance -Delivering Business Benefits

Address and resolve complex challenges like increasing efficiency and the overall cycle time of processes by leveraging proven service aspects to deliver optimally.

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With the help of a progressive and detailed compliance SLAs and matrix to support you effectively to scale, we deliver scalable solutions that can be configured and expanded easily.

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We help in creating significant user impact with the help of customized experiences that we deliver through data and insights. We tailor our service range to match user expectations resulting in higher targeted engagements.

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Our team delivers processes in the form of a service by designing end-to-end workflows for instant adjustment and assessment of business processes and performance levels. 

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Leverage our multifaceted capabilities while receiving access to individual approaches along with a wider range of adjustment engagement models customized to the specific needs of your business.


  • Heaptrace approach offers:
    – Transformational insight: We deliver continuous support for rapid improvements, innovation, and transformation.
    – Improved value realization with IT and business alignment: We align both business and IT priorities by harnessing outcomes-based end-to-end accountability for SLAs.
    – Improved efficiency via Industrialized Services: We make use of rapid automation to minimize workflow while delivering constant improvements through relevant feedback.
    As we enhance IT systems continuously, our services make processes highly agile and efficient.

Heaptrace application support and maintenance services leverage high-end technologies and tools to deliver top-class application management solutions.

Heaptrace empowers its clients with the following:
– Reducing the costs of application maintenance significantly for both digital and physical assets
– Capturing the know-how and knowledge of people and complex systems
– Simplifying the rapid innovation of core business operations
– Allowing businesses to bring into effective delightful and personalized user experiences by using state-of-the-art technology and practices.
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