In this progressing digitized world, the quantity of data generated is rising at an exponential rate. All the businesses have been facing challenges when it comes to managing as well as making sense of the huge data, also are looking for the best option to handle all the data meaningfully. identifying the secrets hidden within ‘Big Data’ is the key factor driving as well as developing future approach that might help businesses in gaining competitive edge.

HeapTrace has been at the leading edge of Big Data revolution from past few years. We are the experts of big data tools and processes for deriving actionable insights from the mass of disparate data that is collected by enterprises each day. Our experienced professionals have colonized solutions for big data analytics for major organizations across the globe. Also, we offer complete services in order to assist you in harnessing the power of your big data.

Our Stack

Apache Hadoop

This one is an open-source framework that permits for the distributed processing of huge data sets of an enterprise. It offers vast storage for all types of data, refined data processing power as well as extraordinary handling capability for virtually endless amplified tasks or jobs. Hadoop’s HDFS file system caters high-end access to application data.


Linear scalability along with verified fault-tolerance over commodity hardware or else cloud infrastructure build Apache Cassandra. This is one of the finest platforms for mission-critical data. Cassandra’s cloning activity across several data centres that is the prime service.

Cassandra is used by companies having large as well as heavy data sets including Twitter, Netflix, Reddit, OpenX, Cisco, CloudKick, Digg, Ooyala, and others. Cassandra enables overall Hadoop integration, in conjunction with Pig & Hive.


An organization can use this software when in need of random, real-time access for reading/writing to their Big Data. HBase is a distributed, open-source, versioned, column-orientate store designed after Google’s Bigtable.

Google’s Bigtable is a distributed storage system used for the organized data via Chang et al. Alike Bigtable that leverages the distributed data storage offered through the Google File System, HBase has similar types of capabilities over Hadoop and HDFS.

Apache Spark

Spark amongst the rapid and accustomed engine for sizable data processing. It provides high-level APIs within Scala, Java, Python & R. Also, offers a rich set of libraries inclusive of machine learning, stream processing and graphical analytics. To stay ahead along with gaining maximum business advantage, we offer processing & analysis services in order to support Big Data applications utilizing opportunities like streaming analytics, machine learning and others.


Apache Kafka has been designed to let a single cluster serve as a central data backbone for a big organization. This might elastically & transparently be amplified deprived of the downtime.

Also, Kafka has an advanced design that is cluster-centric offering strong endurance and fault-tolerance warranty. Reports are persisted over the disk and replicated in the cluster in order to prevent any data loss.

NoSQL Database

We are expertise in managing architectures of database along with a few leading NoSQL technologies service providers like Hadoop, Cassandara, MongoDB and Couchbase and. We provide NoSQL Support, Technical Consulting, Managed Services and many others. Our NoSQL solutions cover all the vital parameters such as responsiveness, quality & scalability.

Apache ZooKeeper

ZooKeeper is an effort towards building as well as maintaining an open-source server that will enable highly dependable distributed coordination. We at HeapTrace offer high-end Apache ZooKeeper services, an open-source project in terms of managing configuration data, naming, and grouping of the services that are deployed over Hadoop cluster to supervise infrastructure.



Big Data Analysis

We make use of agile and proven techniques and tools in order to analyze as well as decode multiplex data for specific business goa

Business Intelligence

We apply techniques for data visualization in order to unlock key understanding and enhance the performance of the business.

Data Science

We design data patterns and use compound algorithms for offering predictive data information.
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Product Enhancement

We assist you in collecting unstructured data regarding the product over diverse platforms and then churn that for giving suggestions for product enhancement.

Predictive Analysis

With this service we offer you access towards analysing historical data sets and let business strategize theirs objectives along with implementing corrective measures.
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