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Why join Heaptrace

We are a passionate collective of visionaries and achievers, blending the creative minds of designers and the technical prowess of coders. Our culture fosters people-centric values and offers unparalleled compensation, while also providing an enriching environment to learn from industry leaders and collaborate with exceptionally talented individuals!

Our Employee

I have been a part of this organisation for over 5.5 years, and I must say that my experience has been exceptional. Throughout my tenure, I have consistently felt motivated and appreciated by my superiors and colleagues, which has truly boosted my morale and dedication. I take pride in the fact that I have actively contributed to the organisation's success, leveraging my skills and expertise. Additionally, the ample learning opportunities provided by the company have allowed me to grow both personally and professionally. I am grateful for the enriching experience I have had so far.

Jalindar N | Lead Software Developer

5.5 Years with Heaptrace

Our Employee

In the past four years, my time at the company has been amazing. I am grateful for the opportunities and challenges that have shaped me into the engineer I am today. I feel fortunate to have worked with technologies such as Java 17, Angular 14, Docker and various enterprise databases. The company's focus on adopting new technologies has kept me updated and allowed me to be innovative. I am proud to be a part of such an organization.

Gaurav S | Lead Software Developer

4 Years with Heaptrace

Our Employee

During my two years at Heaptrace as a DevOps Engineer, I gained hands-on experience with AWS, Azure, Heroku, Jenkins, Docker, and Kubernetes. Overcoming challenges with infrastructure migration, automation, and CI/CD pipelines was made possible with the help of colleagues Darshan Jain and Amol Wani. I'm grateful to Heaptrace for enabling my career switch from Software Developer to DevOps Engineer and for their continuous support. I'm proud of my contributions and look forward to my future at Heaptrace.

Madhur Jain | DevOps Engineer

2 Years with Heaptrace

Our Employee

Working at Heaptrace as a UI/UX Designer since 2022 has been a positive and rewarding experience. I've developed proficiency in Figma and enhanced my skills in Usability Principles, User Research, and Visual Design. Grateful for the guidance of Harshad Sir and Himanshu Sir, whose expertise has been invaluable. Collaborating with a diverse and creative team has been enriching, delivering exceptional design solutions. Heaptrace's commitment to growth and staying ahead in design trends has allowed me to continuously improve my skills and contribute to exciting projects.

Shubham Choudhari | Ui/Ux Designer

1.5 Years with Heaptrace

Our Employee

I began my journey in Heaptrace in 2021. The transition from being an Associate to a trained BA was very productive in every aspect of the work that my role demanded and the challenges that came through. I owe it to my seniors who gave me the chance to showcase my creativity and skills in every step of the projects. Being the bridge between the client and the organization I learned leadership, problem-solving, analyzing requirements, project deliveries, and UAT. I dedicated myself to making the business smooth running and took the required measures. I am very thankful and grateful for the experience that Heaptrace has given me through my journey so far. Special thanks to Mul sir for providing direction.

Neha Randhir | BA

2 Years with Heaptrace

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