Cloud Migration

Migrate Easily to Cloud Without Any Business Disruptions

Heaptrace’s cloud migration services enable businesses to minimize the requirement for physical resources while increasing productivity for your entire organization. With proven approaches and methodologies, our services will help you ensure hassle-free transformation from dedicated on-premise to cloud migration while building the right solutions for your specific business needs.

Delivering End-to-end Cloud Migration Services

We leverage our technical expertise while delivering bespoke cloud application migration services to clients. Cloud services help businesses to ensure maximum growth while recovering from all losses as it powers high-end technologies like social media, Big Data, and mobility. Cloud migration is the comprehensive process in which the digital assets, services, applications, and resources of an organization are deployed in the cloud. 

Heaptrace is a leading software development company offering seamless cloud migration services to businesses to help them observe the wide range of benefits of cloud computing. We can help your business frame a dedicated cloud migration strategy while selecting the desired cloud providers for your needs and optimizing the entire IT infrastructure. Our dedicated teams and expert engineers help your modernization and migration initiatives to observe a tangible business impact while moving to the cloud.

Our Comprehensive Cloud Migration Services

As an integral part of our bespoke cloud infrastructure migration, we ensure the delivery of seamless transition of data and business applications to high-end cloud platforms, including IBM, Microsoft Azure, enterprise cloud solutions, VMWare, GCP, AWS, and so more. 

Cloud Management as a Service

At Heaptrace, we follow a distinctive approach to managing day-to-day problems while delivering optimum results to our clients with the help of a seamless cloud management platform. Our cloud management as a service is crucial to deliver high-end security, support, and centralization to the firm.


Infrastructure As a Service

Our IaaS or Infrastructure as a Service solution range is an instant offer that we offer our clients on-demand wherein storage, computing resources, and networking aspects are owned and hosted by some service provider. We help organizations improvise on the existing norms while getting the most out of their resources.


Custom Cloud Migration

We help in relocating all your relevant data, meaningful business deals, and applications on the high-performing cloud computing platform. Our process is useful and highly significant for any modern company. We also help in accelerating time to market and improving productivity by minimizing the overall costs.


Backup & Disaster Recovery

For any multi-layered IT security, backup and recovery are two crucial components. At Heaptrace, we have acquired the best-in-class practices for ensuring hybrid cloud backup along with seamless disaster recovery. Through our innovative service range, we can restore all client data in a few minutes.

Cloud Storage management

We make sure that all your business-critical data is stored with the help of our bespoke cloud storage services on the internet. We help with the development of cloud native applications, creation of cognitive solutions, and leveraging cloud for the development of new products.


Cloud Security

As a leading cloud migration service provider, we help in storing, running, managing, and upgrading all important security details to help your organization do away with data breach conveniently. We offer professional cloud security consultancy to reduce the overall workload and ensure seamless distribution of workforce.

Delivering a Hassle-free Cloud Migration Process

As we take on the cloud migration journey together with our clients, we determine the core reason for ensuring migration and what difference it will make for your business. Heaptrace -a leading cloud migration service provider, conducts in-depth cloud readiness assessment for businesses. It helps in documenting the end-to-end state analysis while creating a standard cloud migration plan. Our comprehensive assessment includes the evaluation of current infrastructure, workloads, and server configuration, along with compliance and security concerns to deliver effective solutions for unmatched cloud migration support.

As we assess and document crucial details, we map the findings to the respective interdependence in the application. Therefore, our qualified team formulates a custom-made cloud migration plan for your organization. As we are a pioneering cloud migration provider, we assist businesses in ensuring a smooth transition from dedicated on-premise to high-end cloud or even datacenter to the cloud. Our cutting-edge cloud migration consulting services can allow you to move the applications to the top-performing cloud platform for standardization, global reach, and acceleration.

Business Benefits of Our Cloud Migration Services

Accelerated Deployment

It is easier to ensure DevOps practices with advanced Cloud Computing. Cloud migration makes sure that tasks like application and software deployment become highly structured.

Simplified Infrastructure

Cloud services help in reducing the infrastructural complexities. It aids in filling our important specifications and launching only necessary services.

Efficient Monitoring

Specialized cloud services can help you in monitoring downtime or security concerns within the system -on time. It helps in saving time & energy to go through every element or application.

Improved Security

Reliable consulting providers like our team take the overall responsibility of maximizing security throughout the cloud experience. We take security a step ahead by implementing automatic security upgrades.


In most cases, cloud migration is regarded as the process of transitioning mission-critical business operations from a legacy or on-premise infrastructure to a virtual data center of some cloud provider. Cloud migration services that we offer are a great leap towards business digital transformation to change the way policies and processes flow.

Yes. The cloud is regarded as a safe place for storing mission-critical data. To top it all, the cloud has even suppressed the capabilities of a number of on-premise or legacy systems as far as security is concerned.

When you are migrating to the cloud, it is important to consider factors like security, availability, resilience, and data protection. Based on the same, you can choose the most desired cloud migration strategy for your business. Our team of experienced cloud migration consultants can help you choose the best strategy depending on your business needs.

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