Angular 6 Now Available

According to angular official blog Angular version 6.0.0 is here! This is an important release focused less on the underlying framework, and more on the tool chain and on facilitating rapid movement with Angular in the future. See the complete list of changes in our change logs framework, material + cdk, cli.

ng update

ng update is a new CLI command that analyzes your package.jsonand uses its knowledge of Angular to recommend updates to your application. To see it in action, check out our update guide.

Not only will ng update help you adopt the right version of dependencies, and keep your dependencies in sync, but 3rd parties can provide update scripts using schematics. If one of your dependencies provides an ng updateschematic, they can automatically update your code when they need to make breaking changes!

ng update will not replace your package manager, but uses npm or yarn under the hood to manage dependencies. In addition to updating dependencies and peer dependencies, ng update will apply needed transforms to your project.

For example, the command ng update angular/core will update all of the Angular framework packages as well as RxJS and TypeScript, and will run any schematics available on these packages to keep you up to date. As part of this one command, we’ll automatically install rxjs-compat into your application to make the adoption of RxJS v6 smoother.

We expect to see many more libraries and packages add ng updateschematics over the coming months, and have already heard from enterprise component library teams that are planning to use ng update to push through important changes in an automated way to save their developers time.

Learn more about how the ng update command works. To get started creating your own ng update schematic, take a look at the entry in the package.json of rxjs and its associated collection.json.