The Challenge

With fragmented processes, a global biopharmaceutical leader was struggling with its inefficient and redundant process of delegation of authority for financial approvals. Processes such as exception management were difficult to manage since the company lacked a framework based on rules and workflows reported by the system.

The pharmaceutical company sought to digitize its global delegation of authority processes and provide a self-service mobile application to eliminate manual intervention and increase management bandwidth.

The Solutions

We help the pharmaceutical industry launch a request for delegation of authority in more than 70 countries. With its modern user interface and serviceoriented architecture, the application simplifies, standardizes and automates the delegation of authority processes of the company. The application also allows integration with key commercial applications based on the cloud. The multilingual application supports more than 10 languages.

The Results

Benefits included:

  • Average response time of less than two seconds for 1,000 concurrent users, representing a 60% reduction.
  • Automated rule engine that supports corporate digital simplification and automation requirements.
  • Scalability of the application and reduced manual intervention.
  • Integrated workflows, notifications and reports for uninterrupted access from the authority delegation application.

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