The Challenge

The challenges the broadcast and media industry is going to face is the same challenges they face today, but at a much greater level. The internet has deeply lowered the barrier of entry to much of what the broadcast and media industry had a monopoly on in the past. For example, anyone with a smartphone and internet connection can upload videos to YouTube and be a director, anyone with a blog can publish and share their thoughts, etc.

Much of where the broadcast and media industry have earned their profits historically has been by being the middleman between creators and their followers, and much of what the internet is enabling is slowly but surely removing power from the hands of the media industry and into the hands of the individual.

This trend is only going to accelerate as computers and smartphones become more ubiquitous, and will only present a greater challenge to the media industry's existence altogether. The way to survive such challenges is not to resist the change that is inevitable, but to creatively think about how to adapt to and capitalize on where the trend is going.

The Solution

Broadcast Live: Broadcast live to each of your social channels at the same time. Maximum reach. Maximum engagement. At the touch of a button

Comments in One Place: LivePin pulls in all of your comments from each channel and presents them in the app.

Dashboard & Analytics: We will soon be rolling out comprehensive analytics and commenting for each of your broadcasts.

Desktop & Mobile: Try our powerful yet beautifully simple iOS app and Desktop site - and sign up to be notified of our Android app coming soon!

Desktop Sharing: Easy desktop sharing for go live

The Results

  • Quick Analytics for Users Traffics.
  • Quick sharing for go live on multiple channels.
  • Easy desktop sharing.
  • All comments at one place.

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