The Challenge

As early days, with holiday glut very fast approaching. You may want to think about avoiding plastic cards at several places.

We are nearing the holiday season and one of the problems on everyone’s minds is what to buy as a gift for loved ones. For last few years Gift cards have been a good rescue for me to avoid lot of hassle in selecting the gift as well as providing an opportunity to my loved ones to choose what you like. I believe this phenomenon is somewhat similar to holiday/greeting cards- today more than 60% of the holiday cards are sent electronically.

  • Retailers like it because it gives them access to teens who do not have bank accounts but want to the ease of buying using plastic.
  • Retailers don’t have to give the cash back for the remaining amount and can elude customers in coming to the store again.
  • Gift card based prepaid sales generates immediate cash flow for the retailer.
  • Electronic transactions result in accurate, Online Tracking – track activity by store, venue, issuer, account or by individual.
  • Plastic cards eliminates Fraud – extremely difficult to duplicate and can be cancelled.

The Solution

  • Purvice eliminates the use of physical cards by offering B2C digital gift cards bought online in exchange for purchasing a physical present.
  • It allows consumers to choose from different styles and designs and even encourages them to customise their cards where they can also write personal messages.
  • It offers a wide array of means to avail of Novatti Digital Gift Cards such as a smartphone, desktop, SMS or text, and socials.
  • Customers can also track the status of their orders by simply logging in to their accounts, which is free of charge.
  • Easy payment gateway.
  • It expresses practicality, flexibility, ease of use, and above all, innovation.
  • Track purchases easily.
  • Send the Gift Card to Family, Friends on favorite occasion.

The Results

  • Get online card at one click
  • Flexible payment gateway
  • Easy transaction
  • User friendly Gift wallet
  • SMS & Email Alert notification

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