The Challenge

A global supplier of packaging solutions based in India made numerous attempts during the previous decade to improve innovation, drive collaboration and reduce costs throughout its supply chain, with the aim of creating a flexible organization with greater capacity to answer. However, it was hampered by its disparate and nonstandard manufacturing systems, which include purchases for payment, fulfillment of orders, production management and paper trimming, warehouse management and dispatch, transportation planning and order for cash. The results The company turned to us to take all the operations of the supply chain and the factory to a single integrated platform to drive improvements and business growth.

The Solutions

We use the supply chain to help the company harmonize its business processes of the main supply chain in its three papermaking factories, two conversion locations, distribution plants and warehouses. The system includes integration with a knowledge management portal and mobile access to reports and applications. By using SCM, we increase the efficiency of the programming machines, the reduction of waste and the improvement of customer service through integration. Third-party application information now flows directly to enterprise applications that manage production, transportation, and storage, which makes it much easier for employees to see, track, and manage inventory and orders.

The Results

Benefits included:

  • Improvement of the efficiency of the paper / extruder machine by 10%. Reduced customer workload representatives.
  • Performance increased by more than 40%.
  • Increased the availability of open stocks by 20% with automated inventory replenishment. Improved availability and consistency of data by 30% throughout the organization. Reduction of inventory obsolescence by 15%.
  • The software offers more than $ 10.5 million in annual earnings.

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