Development Supply chain management software - HeapTrace

Supply chain management can provide the user with transparency and better visibility of product deliveries which helps them to follow and better control the process through transactions relationship management with suppliers and control of associated business processes.

Functionality major features for SCM software is below:

1. Customer requirement processing

2. Purchase order processing

3. Sales and Distribution

4. Inventory management

5. Goods receipt and Warehouse management

6. Supplier Management/Sourcing

Meeting the needs of customers in today's demanding market requires agile and flexible customer service solutions. Microservices are a way to increase speed and flexibility to obtain new innovations for customers. With microservices, it can adapt more easily to the changing demands and demands of customers, as well as offer services that create a competitive advantage.

How can ERP solutions add more to your SCM?
  • Schedule and assign: these ERP services for SCM can help you program your supply chain, for uninterrupted production and JIT deliveries. You can also track available shippers and assign them accordingly.
  • Track and manage the shipment: ERP software services can effectively track the status of your shipment, ensuring safe and reliable delivery. In addition, the collected data can be used to keep your customer updated with their delivery status.
  • Manage inventory: no matter how fast your SCM is, a messy warehouse can only slow down the entire process. However, these ERP services can help you manage inventory efficiently, which can help you quickly scale delivery and manage lots.
  • Digital signature: recognize the delivery of the product, get feedback and reviews and the expectations of any other customer, easily through our ERP.
  • Finance, human resources and other modules: administer all other aspects of business administration through easy-to-use modules and a customizable control panel.