Our current project is electronic medical records with different levels of compliance among US providers. For many organizations, it is time to take a step beyond simply having patient files in electronic format. There is a wide range of web development initiatives that can improve medical care. Some major features are medical transcription, voice recognition report editing, Advance notification and analytics report, document support, record summarization, billing, multiple healthcare standard and feature.

The healthcare solutions that we developing allow the care to become more integrated, based on the results and centered on the patient.
  • Advance analysis report.
  • Compliance HIPAA
  • Health care standards HL7
  • Insurance / billing administration and general administration for organizations with multiple facilities
  • Friendly web applications for mobile devices for home health agencies and other organizations with remote employees
  • WebRTC (real-time communication) for peer-to-peer consultations and telemedicine
  • Functionality online resources such as patient education with multimedia / interactive libraries
  • Integrated and interoperable systems
  • Functionality patients with daily reminders of self-care and disease management
  • Data capture and analysis (from individual patient surveys and health screenings to large-scale trials)
  • Reports and Business Intelligence panels for operational improvement and error reduction
  • Native and web applications for consumer / business use
  • Archive solutions for patients and clinical data
  • Development of HIE platforms
  • Multi-platform experience

This EMR systems provide numerous advantages for medical software

1. Multi-platform compatibility: can run on multiple devices, regardless of the operating system.

2. With data encryption and a well-designed infrastructure, these applications can comply with security and privacy standards for the protection of personally identifiable health information (PHI).

3. Updates or new versions of software can be managed centrally, from dedicated servers or private cloud computing environments that comply with HIPAA.