We offer commercial enterprise architecture and services designed to help corporations from numerous vertical sectors of the industry consolidate their disparate technology into seamless, fully integrated structures that fulfill their specific business dreams.

The lack of standardization and governance can negatively affect the performance and tariff efficiency of your IT architecture. The business enterprise architecture and Heaptrace generation offerings help organizations to outline their desires and enforce the technology and governance of the entire commercial enterprise to guarantee the best performance and the most effective rates.

Our custom company structure and generation offerings use open source applications whenever feasible to help incorporate expenses and maximize flexibility. We hire confirmed improvement disciplines that are combined with legacy infrastructures and provide scalability with growing technologies.

We offer architecture and technology consulting services for the development and renewal of applications, through expert design and advice offers. These offerings renew the landscape of existing applications, similar to the delivery of new packages in the next generation architecture. For us, the prized architecture of next technology is mainly based on open source, cloud-enabled, scalable for the web and based mainly on reagents and micros.

Consulting for public services also offers key solutions, which include
  • Adoption of open supply.
  • Legacy modernization.
  • Commercial business warranty offers.
  • Engineering of software programs of later generation.

Some of the most important architecture services that are offered through technology consulting are

IT strategy and roadmap
Structure of the employer
Response structure
Software Architecture