Performance and loading tests

Guaranteeing the usability of your system can be difficult. Our load testing process determines the behavior of a system under normal and anticipated maximum load conditions, and identifies the maximum operational capacity of an application and the elements that cause degradation. Our performance testing services help companies evaluate the performance of components within a particular system. Performance tests are a universal term that includes volume tests, capacity tests, load tests, endurance tests, endurance tests, scalability tests, and reliability tests.

We offer a complete solution for performance testing, from detection and analysis to corrective action. With a comprehensive knowledge base and infrastructure,Our performance testing services can save you up to 30% of the development effort.

We perform performance tests and confirm that the software meets the speed, scalability and stability requirements for the expected workloads.

  • Determine the response time of the application.
  • Verify the maximum user load that the application can handle.
  • Ensure the stability of the application under variable loads.
  • Eradicate poor usability. inconsistency in different operating systems.
  • Identify the system / workload that causes the system to malfunction.

Performance tests are necessary to evaluate various quality attributes and identify what should be done before marketing the product. By performing software performance tests, you can make the most of your application and achieve customer satisfaction and loyalty. For any use of the application, loading speed and scalability are the parameters that confirm the performance of the application over a period of time.

The testing process involves
  • Collect or obtain performance requirements (specifications) from users and / or business analysts.
  • Develop a high level plan (or project letter), which includes requirements, resources, schedules and milestones.
  • Develop a detailed performance test plan (including detailed scenarios and test cases, workloads, environmental information, etc.)
  • Create the performance tests according to your test design.
  • Execute and supervise the tests.
  • Consolidate, analyze and share the test result.
Key benefits
  • Discover what needs to be tested.
  • Know the speed of application, stability and scalability.
  • Improve the user experience in websites and web applications.
  • Eradicates bad reputation, failure to meet planned sales goals.
  • Avoid inconsistencies in different operating systems.
Increase revenue generation

We have experienced resources with practical work experience in several quality assurance test projects. If you need the service of our software performance testing team, you can contact us immediately.