Heaptrace Cloud Strategy Consulting

Leveraging the Cloud to Drive Maximum Business Growth

At Heaptrace, our comprehensive suite of cloud strategy and consulting services enables organizations to seamlessly scale to fit the ever-changing business requirements. Harness the immense power of the cloud to reduce operational costs, upgrade scalability, and experienced unparalleled performance with our professional cloud computing consulting services.

An All-encompassing Cloud Strategy Consulting and Implementation

Heaptrace leverages an end-to-end approach -right from ideation to strategic planning about cloud computing and migration, cloud infrastructure management, and security consulting, we handle it all! Our team of business analysts, cloud consultants, DevOps engineers, and developers will make sure that your cloud environment is safe, high-performing, and efficient.

Cloud Adoption & Migration

Our efficient cloud-based solutions and consultants dig deeper into your technology infrastructure to analyze the help you need for adopting the best cloud migration strategy. We modernize and re-platform your apps while putting APIs to integrate newly-migrated applications at minimal risks.

Cloud Optimization

Our team of experienced cloud consultants analyzes your cloud infrastructure while detecting different instances and idle resources. We also help you to identify potential security gaps to remove performance challenges while achieving maximum uptime and reducing cloud computing costs.

Cloud Infrastructure Management

We help in configuring, monitoring, and optimizing the components of the entire cloud infrastructure of your organization. We help in setting up DevSecOps, DevOps, and Infrastructure as Code along with improved software performance with minimal or no downtime.

Cloud Application Development

Our cloud consulting team is well-versed in working with Microsoft Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud, along with other cloud platforms. We leverage our knowledge to implement a high-performing and resilient cloud app of any type -right from a simple mobile app backend to a complex AI-powered system.

Professional Consulting Services on Cloud-agnostic and Cloud-Native Solutions

We offer professional consulting services on SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS solutions to allow you to garner immense cloud value with the best-in-class implementation. To balance the overall risks, costs, and technology, we keep the business goals in focus. Our cloud computing consultants come up with a wide range of high-end deployment models.


Private Cloud

We help in securely governing sensitive data while keeping the operations under control and enjoy more opportunities for customization.



With us, you can avoid vendor lock-in as you leverage the best-in-class cloud solutions to expand the business reach and product portfolio.



We offer easily accessible cloud-based computing consulting and implementation services while launching scalable solutions without any maintenance stress.


Our experienced team targets location-dependent use cases as it helps in eliminating latency and reducing the risks of downtime significantly.

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You can look forward to achieving improved reliability and agility with respect to handling data and resources.

Handling Every Aspect of Cloud Strategy and Consulting

From analyzing specific business needs to provide cloud strategy consulting to even employee training, we are dedicated to delivering top-quality services with the help of relevant cooperation. Our team of experienced business analysts works in collaboration with skilled solution architects to ensure a seamless usage journey and cloud adoption as seamlessly as possible.

IT Infrastructure Assessment

Our team of computing consultants understands your critical infrastructure, business objectives, application dependencies, and estimated costs to extend cloud use cases. We also ensure seamless optimization opportunities while paving the way to deliver risk-free adoption.


Our cloud architects and solution engineers design a secure, future-proof, and compliant cloud-based architecture. We help you choose an optimal technology stack while coming up with a detailed cloud-based adoption plan in line with the respective business objectives.

Development & Deployment

We oversee bespoke cloud deployment. If required, we also help in the implementation of the cloud infrastructure while setting up the best-in-class practices to expediting as well as automate the high-end development process.


If you are already working on a cloud environment in the proper place and aim at optimizing resource consumption, reducing operating costs, or improving compliance, we can do it all for you! We provide seamless cloud infrastructure optimization and consulting services.

Ongoing Support

We will help in tracking and optimizing cloud resource utilization while spending, extending your cloud service portfolio and performing compliance checks. We also deliver access to relevant employee training to keep the cloud workflows secure, swift, and aligned with the business processes.


Security is a major IT challenge. We will help you in guiding on the best-in-class security practices both for the industry and the cloud. We also offer relevant advice on the right set of tools to manage the overall security. Our team also ascertained that when a breach takes place, we offer the best-ever advice on the top-class practices for your business.

As a potential cloud user, you are expected to think carefully about the right cloud security strategy to align with your business. A knowledgeable and trusted cloud strategy consultant from our team can help you in better understanding the wide range of options available along with the trade-offs between every option.

With cloud-based services, data sovereignty is a major concern. When you wish to maximize data sovereignty, you can work with our experts who are capable of assessing the privacy methods and policies while helping you to understand how it will map to the legal requirements of other countries.

As you will drive data to the cloud, you should understand how you can maintain maximum visibility into the respective data & key trends. We offer some basic reporting along with delivering third-party solutions.

Yes. With us, upgrading or downgrading plans is a standard process. With our bespoke consulting services, you can easily upgrade or downgrade business-centric services on the go. Make use of our professional cloud strategy consulting and implementing services to get the most of your cloud computing solutions.

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