We start by hearing your concerns, necessities, challenges, and goals. The procedure continues with an effort to understand your business, market sector, and competitors to develop information that is combined with our technical knowledge, expertise and research to provide you with the best solution at the lowest cost.


Discovery & Scope

Before starting the project development, we focus on understanding your business, vision, and expectations through our elicitation process. This is an essential part of our web development process. This process will include meetings & interviews with your team, site objectives, use cases, brainstorming as well as prototyping. We detail your product goals that require to be accomplished, along with complete guidance for its usage.


For multifaceted sites, we utilize wireframes for designing the architecture followed by the flow of your project to make sure that everyone interprets the relevance of pages with content. We would also utilize this process for identifying the nature as well as the source of every content for the website.

The process will include:

  • Competitor Analysis
  • Data Architecture
  • Interaction design
  • User Experience Research
  • Prototyping

Designing Phase

Once the functions, features, and all other details are defined, we move toward the designing phase. The time needed for this phase might depend upon the complication of the project, however, we will keep offering you designs till you are satisfied.

Our designing process includes:

  • User Interface Designing
  • Graphic Designing
  • Responsive Designing
  • Usability Research and Evaluation
  • Review

Implenentation & Development

Upon the confirmation of the design, we move towards the final development of your website. Our experts write code utilizing the best practices across the industry to create a clean, search engine-friendly website. We even make certain to keep you updated on the status of your project.

Frontend development

Our experts are skilled with all these technology stacks including HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, React JS, Angular JS / Angular, and Vue JS.

Backend development

Our backend technologies stack include Java, Go, Django, Python, Node JS, PHP, Spring Boot, Laravel, C#, and others.

Quality Assurance

We implement the most efficient test methodologies, to allow our clients to choose the most suitable models according to their test needs.

Our testing processes and methodology are strongly based on:

  • A well-defined test strategy and plan, to provide rigorous and structured testing.
  • Transparent and periodic communication with all interested parties.
  • Strong focus on the domain of the industry.
  • Strict use of metrics and internal frames to measure and improve quality with precision.

Maintenance & Support

Our maintenance & support activities are inclusive of rectification of correction, enrichment of capabilities, & optimization. Also, we support as well as amend the applications to cope up with the changes within the software environment followed by meeting new requirements of the user and assure greater reliability.

Our Service covers:

  • Software Maintenance
  • Upgradation of Product
  • Development of new Feature
  • Constant Product Enhancement
  • Design enhancement as per the Requirements
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