Infrastructure Security

Managed Infrastructure and Network Security Services

Heaptrace helps in protecting your network and infrastructure from advanced cybersecurity threats with the help of proven expertise, security skills, and contemporary solutions. We help in strengthening the foundations of network security with high-end solutions delivering multi-level security from user to device & application to data with the help of the Zero trust approach.

Comprehensive Infrastructure Security Services for Businesses

Your organization might be facing unprecedented challenges in the management of infrastructure, endpoints, and networks in the rapidly changing environment. You are expected to scale remote access to applications that are business-critical while making sure that users have the most significant levels. You might be improving the BYOD or Bring Your Own Device solutions. On the other hand, the overall sophistication of cyber attacks keeps rising. Your enterprise might lack relevant in-house skills to handle security-specific risks in-house. 

We assist our clients to improve overall cyber defense by implementing important cybersecurity skills at-scale while deploying the best-in-class operational capabilities and protection controls. We provide host/OS protection, network protection, secure mail gateway, secure web gateway, and application protection under the scope of our infrastructure security service range.

Leveraging the Benefits of Our Infrastructure Security Services

Heaptrace works with businesses, governments, and communities at every stage to help make the organization’s infrastructure highly resilient to physical and cyber threats. Everyone should have a dedicated role in securing the critical infrastructure of organizations.

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Planning the Infrastructure, Endpoint, and Network Security Roadmap

Our professional managed security experts help you in assessing the ongoing state while determining future maturity and building an actionable roadmap. You can design a dedicated investment plan for implementing the latest security strategies to the infrastructure, endpoints, and networks of the organization.

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Enabling Network, Endpoint, and Infrastructure Protection

With the assistance of managed security services, you can think of rapidly deploying, implementing, and securing innovative technologies across multi-cloud, hybrid, complex environments.

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Extending the Team with Security Expertise

We help in adding 24/7 response and monitoring capabilities to the network security and critical infrastructure technologies. We offer assistance with our bespoke in-house managed analysts and security specialists.

Professional Infrastructure Security Services

Critical infrastructure helps in describing the cyber and physical assets and systems that are so crucial that their destruction or incapacity would have a damaging impact on the economic or physical security and safety. Explore our revolutionary infrastructure security services as we work with communities, businesses, and leading government partners at different levels to deliver in-depth training and assistance. 

Information Security

When an attack or event occurs affecting the critical infrastructure, every second helps in making a difference. Therefore, Heaptrace plays an important role in sharing information with both private and public sector partners that is essential to the resilience and security of the organization.

Federal Facility Security

The mission of our federal facility security solutions is to improve the effectiveness and quality of physical security while ensuring the protection of federal facilities. Our infrastructure security standards apply to all federal facilities -whether owned by the government or leased or managed. 

Chemical Security

We have developed voluntary and regulatory programs along with relevant resources to help stakeholders-like the public sector, private industry, law enforcement, and academia to improve the security of facilities possessing significant threats. 

Assessment Services

Heaptrace and our team of security experts conduct in-depth assessments of communities and infrastructure to help local government officials and businesses to make decisions about where they should put resources to improve the overall security before some event or even improve recovery after an event.

Infrastructure, Network, and Endpoint Security Services

Modern organizations are expected to come up with advanced security platforms while featuring cyber-attack detection techniques for delivering assured security. 

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Intrusion Detection & Prevention

We help with the monitoring, support, and alerting of network intrusion, identification, and prevention systems throughout the existing infrastructure to help with the prevention of unauthorized data theft and network access.

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Managed Firewall Services

We assist with the management and monitoring using advanced analytics with the help of real-time data correlation. We also employ a single security-centric dashboard for improved visibility. You can access our security policy design and change management policies.

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Endpoint Security Management

We ensure contemporary endpoint management to ensure protection for the end users along with their devices from ongoing cybersecurity threats.

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Managed Detection & Response

Our security experts ensure round-the-clock endpoint threat detection, response, and prevention fueled by in-depth threat intelligence as well as proactive threat hunting.

Business-centric Network and Infrastructure Security Solutions

Ensuring the protection of your network perimeter has become quite difficult as well as expensive. It is because intruders come up with new, innovative ways to get around the defenses of your organization. Heaptrace can help you be ahead of the ever-rising threats to the entire infrastructure. We also help with the maximization of the entire budget, fulfilling support needs, and scaling depending on your infrastructure and network growth, and business requirements. 

At Heaptrace, our experienced staff is committed to minimizing the overall costs depending on the respective infrastructure assets. We also deliver the assurance of high-end compliance with HIPAA, PCI, FISMA, GBLA, and so more. At Heaptrace, we offer businesses an in-depth and comprehensive approach to minimize security-centric incidents while helping businesses to be prepared in advance for disruptions:

Heaptrace has several years of relevant expertise in ensuring corporate or enterprise-grade security consulting and management services.

A number of organizations perceive dedicated infrastructure security services that are crucial and intangible at the same time. This is where the security expert at Heaptrace comes In. With several satisfied clients and accreditation to deliver top-class managed security services, we are your ideal partners when you wish to upgrade your business.

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