Infrastructure Support and Maintenance

At Heaptrace, our spectrum of IT infrastructure support and maintenance services fulfills all your IT needs -ranging from security management to email management, application management, managed services, and database monitoring. Our detailed service portfolio includes:

Uncovering a Comprehensive IT Infrastructure Support and Maintenance Portfolio

At Heaptrace, our comprehensive range of IT infrastructure support and maintenance services includes server or storage monitoring, data recovery and backup, management services, and business continuity. 

Heaptrace is your ultimate key to in-depth IT infrastructure support and maintenance. Our services serve as an effective way to ensure maximum business success while delivering maximum support and growth in the future. Our infrastructure support strategies are aligned with ongoing business strategies. Our top-class outsourcing solutions for IT management get rid of all pressure for accountability. Moreover, we also bring into effect the promise of seamless performance available with predictable management costs of the entire IT infrastructure. 

Comprehensive IT Infrastructure Support and Maintenance

Whether it is a simple or complex support and maintenance required for your organization, Heaptrace goes beyond providing error-free IT coverage by harnessing top-quality engineering while improving the business experience. At Heaptrace, our diverse range of IT infrastructure support and maintenance services includes a wider spectrum of security management, business continuity, application management, and managed services for network security. 

Ensuring Corrective Maintenance of the Entire Enterprise Infrastructure with Minimal Dependency

Heaptrace has several years of expertise in ensuring mission-critical IT-based tasks for several Fortune 500 companies. We are equipped with state-of-the-art tools & technologies for empowering your team to tackle all the challenges in the ever-changing environment. 

Heaptrace understands the overall complexity of the IT infrastructure of any business. Therefore, we have designed our service range to reflect the respective values. Our team of experienced engineers is empowered with the latest tools and delivers a comprehensive range of IT infrastructure support and maintenance solutions.

Network Management

We handle network optimization, troubleshooting, LAN & WAN management, migrations, and relevant upgrades.

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End User Management

Our team is capable of handling the security and support of BYOD along with other end-user devices. Our team is also in charge of anti-virus or anti-spyware support and platform migration for a myriad of devices.

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Storage Management

We help enterprises in identifying, organizing, evaluating, and creating dedicated storage strategies for high-end corporate data. We also aid organizations to ensure efficient recovery and come up with a plan for business continuity to protect mission-sensitive data.

Server Management

We are experts in handling server capacity planning, troubleshooting, forecasting, performance management, migrations, and management.

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Cloud Application Maintenance

At Heaptrace, we dedicate our professional practice to IT infrastructure support and maintenance for ensuring corrective maintenance, backup or storage services, and software enhancements with the help of automation, platform upgrades, release management, and bug fixing.

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Data Center Services

Our solutions for data center infrastructure support and maintenance include installation, configuration, maintenance, and monitoring of the server infrastructure. We also cater for our dedicated services for storage management, infrastructure virtualization services, consolidation services, and data migration.

Keeping Your IT Environment Stable and Scalable

Our holistic support services for IT infrastructure predominantly take care of L1, L2, and L3 remote support for chat, integrated email, self-service portals, phone, and so more. Our core areas of IT management include:

Database Management

We handle database security administration along with data center management, upgrade, and patch management. Our support services also include recovery procedures and backup maintenance.

Application management

We take care of performance maintenance along with configuration, license & patch management, backup for famous applications like Microsoft SharePoint, Oracle ERP, and so more. We also customize our professional range of services to include the internal applications of your organization.

Some of the brief functionalities

Integrated IT Infrastructure Support for Your Organization

Heaptrace offers its customized range of converged IT infrastructure monitoring & management solutions to our clients. Our skilled team follows a methodical approach to ensure effective remediation and timely communication of issues. 

Benefits of Our Comprehensive IT Support Services

As we place organizational needs at the core of our bespoke infrastructure support and maintenance services, we are capable of delivering delightful, impactful, and engaging experiences. Some benefits you can expect are:


As you make use of our industry-leading framework and technology, you can be assured of significant cost reductions -right from the start of the engagement.

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Smart Automation

At Heaptrace, we excel in supporting as well as maintaining basic day-to-day operations and futuristic applications running on networks and services. We align bespoke IT approaches with top-class business strategies to improve data performance.

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Streamlined Interactions

We prepare organizations to improve the respective interactions between the data center teams and groups. We offer IT groups with a high-end data-driven perspective.

Easy Integration

Our solution range brings together insights, information, and advanced capabilities to maximize the importance of existing software or systems of modern businesses.

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Affordable and Timely Services

We come across potential failures while saving ample execution time. The best range of our services is available with high-end functionalities -both of which are unique and affordable.


Some of the primary components of any IT infrastructure include computing, storage, and network. We deliver access to relevant infrastructure support and maintenance services for all these components.

Network infrastructure refers to the software as well as hardware resources enabling network connectivity, operations, management, and communication of an enterprise network. Network infrastructure also facilitates communication between applications, processes, users, external networks, and services.

The concept of a Hybrid cloud is the cloud computing network using a combination of public and private cloud, third-party, on-premise, and cloud services between the two platforms. We deliver access to an effective hybrid cloud management platform to help you improve the overall analytics and increase efficiency.

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