Offshore IT services

Professional Offshore IT and Learning services

Heaptrace is a globally-diversified outsourcing IT service company with several years of experience in the industry. Our world-class proven expertise, technical skills, and in-depth industry experience enable us to offer outsourcing IT solutions for delivering amazing, consistent results for all our clients across the world. Contact our team to get the most of offshore IT and learning services!

Offshore IT and Learning Services for Maximum Support

At Heaptrace, our offshore outsourcing services typically include custom software development, round-the-clock technical support services, mobile application development, web development, service implementation and support, data visualization, and so more. We make use of our proven industry expertise, project management, and matured processes to achieve a highly level of successful deliveries with the help of offshore outsourcing.

At Heaptrace, we believe that there is much more to than just being at the best of technology. It is also about becoming a trusted partner such that we can ensure the success of your business.

Our Bespoke Outsourcing Advantages

Heaptrace delivers a wide spectrum of benefits with comprehensive offshore outsourcing IT services.


Regular, constant communication


Availability of trained, experienced IT staff


Maximum cost efficiency


Timely implementation and completion of the project


Development of risk minimization due to proven expertise in quality management and development processes

Our team of outsourcing experts work diligently with the clients to offer a unified customer experience along with unparalleled business competence. We deliver decisive insights through our integrated set of emerging and existing technologies for delivering customized solutions -Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Big Data Analytics, Testing Automation, Machine Learning, and so more. 

Heaptrace delivers a specialized set of services in the IT learning and development space. Our professionals will offer assistance with the overall organizational and IT development effort through behavioral and leadership learning capabilities. We also make use of innovative approaches to include e-learning methodology for top-class IT development and delivery.

Offshore IT & Learning Solutions

When you hire a tech or IT team as relevant support for your company, it can be an expensive affair. It is especially true if your current location will not have a dedicated space to host the entire department. Whatever might be the scenario, skilled developers or senior programmers are required within any industry to ensure that all technical aspects of the organization are executed effectively. With the assistance of our experienced remote teams, you can hire the best offshore IT staff to provide aid to your organization in the most cost-effective manner. 

Heaptrace strives to come across innovative ways to build your offshore technical support and maintenance team to benefit your organization.

1. Offshore Software Development:

We have developed a dedicated offshore software development center to deliver 24/7 IT consulting along with managed offshore development needs of our clients. If you wish to scale your offshore development services, reduce the release cycles, launch applications quickly, and ensure high performance consistently, please reach out to our experienced offshore IT staff.

2. Product Engineering Services:

Heaptrace’s offshore product engineering services collaborate with your in-house team to ensure the strategic vision of rapid innovation. We are a strategic software product and engineering partner helping you to achieve a better enhanced customer experience while managing shorter release cycles and leveraging modern, high-end technology.

3. Digital Services:

Heaptrace helps your business to create unparalleled digital experiences -both for our clients and your end customers. We are known to create highly innovative and interactive customer engagement platforms along with programmable solutions and automated operations. We can help you obtain valuable digital insights to make relevant data-driven decisions while reducing time to market and increasing performance.

4. Offshore Cloud Services:

Businesses are expected to be agile and data-driven in the modern era. Our offshore cloud consulting services include designing, development, deployment, migration, testing, and training. We offer our offshore cloud-based clients a detailed roadmap along with cost-benefit analysis of the entire cloud ecosystem. Our experienced cloud service specialists offer access to dedicated tools, reference architecture, and pre-built frameworks to maximize cloud collaboration.

5. Data Analytics & AI Services:

In the modern era, enterprises are known to generate huge amounts of data out of diverse sources. Our competent offshore IT team can help you with advanced data design and analytics along with bespoke AI implementation, operation, data architecture modernization, and business intelligence solution.

6. Application Managed Services:

Heaptrace offers application managed services for allowing you to boost the overall user experience. We follow the insight-driven, agile approach to manage the comprehensive enterprise application portfolio. We have a dedicated app development and testing center to deliver secure, top-quality data management for achieving your strategic objectives.


What is offshore outsourcing?

Offshore outsourcing can be regarded as the process of employing some third-party located in a different location or nation altogether to perform day-to-day business tasks. Offshore outsourcing services offer you access to a dedicated platform to expand the business across the globe. Businesses usually opt professional offshore outsourcing services when they observe the potential of the respective project scaling up in a specific geographical location.

Why should I outsource my IT operations?

Operational costs form a significant portion of most business expenses. IT operations typically require huge allotment of resources. Outsourcing IT operations helps in improving the overall efficiency of the entire business by controlling and minimizing the costs.

Will I lose control on my team when I work with an offshore IT team?

When you obtain a wide range of outsourcing benefits from Heaptrace, you can think of retaining the expertise of your in-house employees while benefitting from the excellence of our offshore IT team as well. You can always go through the agreement in advance before finalizing the deal.

How can I handle IP and confidentiality with the offshore team?

Protection of the intellectual rights of an organization is an important concern for our offshore IT company. We place emphasis on a strong security policy along with a proper NDA with the vendor. You can also be assured of technical safeguards by our outsourcing team than the in-house team at your organization.