Risk and Compliance

Maximize Your Business Value with Our Risk and Compliance Solutions

With Heaptrace, you can assess the effectiveness of your organizational security controls while reducing business risks and boosting the overall brand reputation. We help in identifying and fulfilling gaps in the security strategy of your organization. Get access to professional risk and compliance services that are custom-made to suit your business needs.

Avoid Business Risks with Our World-class Risk and Compliance Services

At Heaptrace, our governance risk and compliance solutions help in understanding your ongoing security state while preparing your organization to ensure protection against the most sophisticated attacks in the modern era. With top-class security risk and management services, you can make sure that you are not investing in complicated integration solutions as a response to threat. We prepare your business comprehensively for all types of eventualities. 

GRC or Governance, Risk, and Compliance is a dedicated strategy for the management of governance, enterprise-centric risk management, and high-end compliance with the respective regulations of the industry. Moreover, it is also about identifying and managing risks while complying with the new rules & regulations -playing a vital role in the growth and success of organizations.

Heaptrace, along with its team of industry experts, has developed industry-leading GRC solutions in the field of advisory services with the help of tools and methodologies capable of addressing both the strategic and regulatory needs of the organization.

Leverage the Benefit of Our Risk and Compliance Solutions

Our timely, comprehensive, and trusted information drives effective risks, regulatory, and audit compliance management. With us, you can make informed and reliable decisions as we offer an innovative suite of risk and compliance solutions.

1. Reduced Business Risks

We help in proactively detecting gaps in the respective security controls to minimize business risks while preventing business downtime.

2. Improved Visibility of Digital Assets

Obtain a 360-degree view of the entire digital assets of your organization. We allow you to highlight any location wherein your organization could be vulnerable to a potential attack.

3. 24/7 Support

We have a team of dedicated security experts for monitoring and managing service availability across the world in real-time. Our expert team is also capable of scheduling remote scans whenever you round the clock.

4. Prevention from Third-party Risks

Identify, assess, and reduce potential risks in association with your distributors, suppliers, and partners. We also help in regularly monitoring the existing risks for observing any major change in the overall status.

Risk and Compliance Challenges We Deal With

GRC or Governance, Risk, and Compliance solutions are increasing in importance as well as recognized as the major business-facing priorities. Security professionals tend to face a lack of proper visibility on crucial assets and critical data. In turn, it results in significant losses due to perceived threat or breach. 

Poor financial statements blended with minimal understanding of regulatory, financial, fraud-related, or operational risks impose a negative effect on achieving expectations and goals. Moreover, optimization of governance risks & compliance management tools is a hassle. 

Our Comprehensive Risk and Compliance Solutions

Heaptrace offers access to comprehensive services in the field of compliance management, audit and assessment, governance and risk management, data privacy, and so more. 

1. Compliance Management

With us, you can easily set up as well as manage a streamlined risk and compliance management environment to deal with regulatory specifications within an organization.

2. Data Privacy

Heaptrace allows you to strengthen reliable solutions in a data-sensitive environment with the help of regulation analysis, data flow and inventory mapping, impact assessments, implementation of privacy programs, and incident management.

3. Governance & Risk Management

Our industry experts in risk and compliance services enable you to develop as well as enhance enterprise and IT risk management operations along with IT governance. It is achieved with the help of effective operations and policy management.

4. GRC Platform Implementation and Support Solutions

Our innovative risk and compliance solutions will enable organizations to improve visibility with IT-centric governance, risk, and compliance solutions, implementation, monitoring, and seamless integration.

5. Audit & Assessment Services

With us, you can effectively perform, build, and manage audits and assessments with respect to policy and regulatory compliance along with IT governance, third-party control and governance, security & information security, while providing external and internal audit support.

Top-end Features of Our Governance, Risk, and Compliance Services

At Heaptrace, our professional range of governance, risk, and compliance services for your infrastructure and data, policies and processes, help in providing an enterprise-centric view in addition to compliance. Moreover, our comprehensive services also offer access to highly scalable platforms for meeting future requirements quite easily. Some of the end-to-end features of our innovative GRC services are:


Asserting confidentiality, integrity, and availability of sensitive data of consumers


Streamlining risk assessment framework for compliance related to different businesses


Delivering visibility to historical GRC or governance, risk, and compliance data throughout every segment of the organization with the help of frameworks and templates


Following a quantified approach towards managing risks


Organizing KPIs, dashboards, and metrics

Why Use Our Governance, Risk, and Compliance Services?

With Heaptrace, you can effectively gain meaningful insight depending on our unparalleled access to human and data-centric expertise. Our meaningful content and leadership will detail how the experienced risk and compliance professionals within our teams continue embracing state-of-the-art processes and technologies to deliver optimum results.