Web Application Development

Custom Web Application Development for Your Business

We offer highly intuitive, secure, and feature-rich web applications for supporting business processes and serving users across the globe. 

Rely on Our Web Application Development Expertise

With a reliable presence in the IT market and several successful projects in our portfolio, we are a full-stack provider of custom web application development solutions for startups, small-scale businesses, and large-scale enterprises. We take extra efforts to develop your interactive web apps that are scalable, secure, and well-planned. 

We are a pioneering web development company for purely focuses on the development of highly robust, fully functional, and feature-rich web applications. We help in the development of custom web applications with the help of the right technology stacks to fully align with the business objectives to achieve maximum growth. Our primary objective is the development of top-quality applications to maximize resource utilization at affordable costs.

Comprehensive Web Application Development Services

At Heaptrace, our comprehensive suite of web application development services includes testing, design, development, support, and maintenance solutions for businesses across different industry verticals. To top it all, our team of experienced web application developers also helps you with in-depth technology consultation, modernization of legacy architectures, and migration to modern web architecture.

Our professional web app development services not only aim at creating attractive apps, but we also develop feature-rich, functional applications to meet your business needs. We offer top web app development solutions by analyzing unique goals as well as challenges of your business. We offer access to rapid, personalized web application development solutions for all your business requirements.

UI/UX Design

Our competent UI/UX design team helps in improving the intuitiveness of the product interfaces for the creation of a unique online presence. We offer functional and creative UI/UX to engage the end users.

Custom Web Application Development

Our team helps in the creation of custom web apps based on the unique needs of your business. Our team of experienced web app developers makes use of proven methodologies to best fit your overall expectations.

REST API Development

We offer comprehensive REST API development services to fulfill all your urgent needs with the help of the best industry practices. Using our immense expertise in the app development industry, we develop reliable APIs that scale effectively.

Open Source Framework Experts

We offer end-to-end open-source framework development services in e-commerce and CMS platforms. Our interactive platforms are designed to offer you a competitive edge in the market.

E-commerce Web App Development

With the help of interactive frameworks like Magento, Shopify, and other custom platforms, we can help you in building e-shops and B2B e-commerce stores that maximize your overall growth.

Backend & Node.js Development

Our experienced software architects develop a solid and functional backends for accommodating flexibility, scale, and advanced data structures. Our Node.js development experts also offer access to cutting-edge security solutions.

Why Work with Us?

The development of scalable and secure web apps with the help of structured patterns, modern frameworks, and user-centric designs for UI/UX are some aspects that make us distinct from existing competitors. Our personalized web application development solutions are an assured commitment to on-time delivery and top-notch quality.

Progressive Web Applications with Modern Platforms

We have over several years of experience in the development of world-class B2C and B2B applications that focus on transportation, healthcare, M&E, Fintech, e-learning, and data analytics.


Competent Technology Stack

Our experienced web application engineering team has been successful in delivering products to several. Our technology stack features the latest technologies like Angular.js, React.js, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Vue.js, and Node.js


Structured Architectural Patterns

We help in the development of large-scale web apps that adhere to the definition of Google as progressiveness. Therefore, our web applications are faster even on 2G networks and are available offline while being installed easily on all devices.

Interactive Web Apps with Attractive Front End

Poor performance, slower load times, and outdated UX designs can impact the overall bottom line. Your business will significantly depend on delivering engaging and differentiated experiences.


Ease of Navigating Web Complexities

There are several firms for the development of intuitive web applications. However, only a few organizations like ours can help with the development of world-class web applications for driving maximum results. Our capable team guides you through every technology decision important to your business.


Web apps are particular software solutions that are designed in a manner that runs on the web browser with specific resources. We have been successful in developing different types of web applications -varying from a small-scale static web app to an advanced ERP solution.
– Static web applications
– Dynamic web apps
– Animated web apps
– Portal web apps
– Online store

The cost of developing a web application will depend on different factors like the development platform, app complexities, app categories, resource location, and others. Contact our team of experts with your requirement to get an estimate of the overall development cost.

Web apps are designed exclusively to be used in the form of a web browser. These are regarded as combinations of server-side scripts (PHP, .Net, and ASP) and client-side scripts (JavaScript, HTML, and so more). The web browser is responsible for fetching web server components that are installed at the backend infrastructure of the entire system. SaaS is an evolved web application. It is used for accessing services over the web. However, these are not exclusively dependent on the web browser to function.

The implementation of Progressive Web Apps or PWAs will be beneficial for businesses in:
– Cost reduction
– Better page performance
– Improved visibility
– Cost-friendly and easier user acquisition
– No issues related to mobile applications
– Integration with any new system

The total duration for the development of a web application will depend on several factors like features required, modularity, complexity, and so more.

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