Preeminent product types of Microsoft Azure cloud services

Microsoft Azure, also known as Microsoft’s public cloud computing platform is extensively assessed as the PaaS (Platform as a Service) and Iaas (Infrastructure as a Service) platform offerings. Also, it offers a variety of cloud services, that includes those for analytics,  compute, storage as well as networking. Users are free to choose from the aforesaid services for developing along with scaling novel applications or else run the current applications within the public cloud platform.

Below is the categorization of leading Microsoft Azure cloud services into major product types:

  • Analytics: Analytics services offer distributed analytics plus storage. This is further being followed by the features for big data analytics, real-time analytics, machine learning, business intelligence (BI), data lakes, data warehousing as well as internet of things (IoT) data streams.
  • Media & CDN (content delivery network): Such types of services are mostly inclusive of digital rights protection, encoding, on-demand streaming and media playback as well as indexing.
  • Networking: This class of service consists of dedicated connections, virtual networks and gateways. Also, services in terms of traffic management & diagnostics, DNS (domain name system) hosting,  load balancing and network protection with respect to DDoS (distributed denial-of-service) attacks come under networking services of the azure.
  • Data storage: Data storage services of Microsoft Azure offers expandable cloud storage for both structured and unstructured data. Besides, it facilitates big data projects, insistent storage and real storage.
  • Compute: Such Microsoft azure services permit the deployment and management of VMs (virtual machines). Besides containers, as well as batch processing to the users also. It also aids access to remote applications.
  • Hybrid integration: Hybrid Integration services of Microsoft Azure are mainly for the site recovery, server backup, and connecting private & public clouds.
  • Web: This particular service facilitates the development, followed by the deployment of web applications. Moreover, it offers certain features such as search, API (application programming interface) management, content delivery, notification as well as reporting.
  • DevOps: This group of services offers the tools for project and collaboration. For instance, Visual Studio Team Services, that accelerates the software development process for DevOps. It even has certain features for DevOps tool integrations, application diagnostics and test labs for build tests & experimentation.
  • Identity and access management: IAM offerings make certain that only licensed users will have access to Azure services. Also, aids the protection of encryption keys along with other sensitive data over the cloud. Some of the services of IAM include Azure Active Directory as well as MFA (multi-factor authentication) support.
  • AI and machine learning: This one offers a broad range of services. Moreover, developers can use that for infusing AI, machine learning & cognitive computing potentiality into data sets and applications.
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