Team Augmentation

Expand your team with skilled nearshore developers. Our expertly managed squads quickly hit the ground running, allowing your team the space they need to excel. 

From 0 to Kick-off

You’re 4 steps away from leveling up your team.

From first contact to ramp up, here’s what to expect:


First Meet

Our collaboration kicks off with a brief conversation to comprehend your needs and challenges. We’ll take the time to get to know you and ensure we’re the best fit, following the signing of a non-disclosure agreement


Team Profiles

After our meeting, we will provide you with profiles of our developers that match your requirements. You can then review them.


Kick-Off Meeting

Let’s get started! We’ll arrange our kick-off meetings, you’ll meet the team, and we’ll begin the ramp-up process.


Trial Period

After the project kickoff, you can try out a developer. Once the trial is completed, we’ll hold a feedback meeting, and from there, we’ll continue our work.


Long Term Plan

Regularly work with the developer, providing updates, management feedback meetings, and more.

Feeling overwhelmed with too many development tasks and no end in sight? Get relief by bringing in experienced engineers from our team.

Cutting-edge Technology Stack Used by Our Experts

Our experts leverage a cutting-edge technology stack, ensuring innovative and efficient solutions for your needs Our technology stack includes:


    • Angular
    • React
    • Vue.JS
    • TypeScript
    • JavaScript
    • Svelte
    • JQuery


    • Java
    • .Net
    • Python
    • NodeJS
    • PHP
    • GoLang
    • C/C++


    • Java
    • Android
    • React Native
    • Flutter
    • Ionic
    • Kotlin
    • iOS
    • Swift/Objective C


    • Selenium
    • JMeter
    • Cypress
    • Security and
    • Penetration
    • Testing
    • Junit
    • Postman
    • Cucumber
    • Appium
    • LambdaTest

Cloud & DevOps:

    • Azure
    • AWS
    • GCP
    • Jenkins
    • Azure Pipelines
    • AWS Code Build
    • Data Factory
    • CI/CD


    • Docker
    • Podman

Orchestration and Management:

    • Kubernetes
    • OpenShift
    • Rancher

Serverless Frameworks:

    • AWS Lambda
    • Azure Functions
    • Google Cloud Functions

Configuration Management:

      • Ansible
      • Chef
      • Puppet

Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD):

      • Jenkins
      • GitLab CI
      • CircleCI

Monitoring and Logging:

      • Prometheus
      • Grafana
      • Elastic Stack (Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana)

Service Mesh:

      • Istio
      • Linkerd 

Storage and Database:

      • Rook
      • Cassandra
      • Redis

Infrastructure as Code (IaC):

      • Terraform
      • AWS CloudFormation


      • Aqua Security
      • Sysdig

Build Your Complete Agile Team:

By choosing Heaptrace as your technology partner, you can put together your entire Agile team. With over 20 years of experience and more than 8 years in the industry, we have you covered.

UX/UI Team

Experts in user experience and user interface design, ensuring an intuitive and user-friendly product.

Software Developers

Skilled developers who bring your software solutions to life, leveraging their expertise to create efficient and high-quality code.

Quality Assurance Team

Dedicated professionals focused on rigorous testing and quality control, ensuring a bug-free and reliable product.

Solution Architect

An expert in designing and architecting software solutions, ensuring they meet your specific requirements and scalability needs.

Project Manager/Scrum Master

A key role to oversee the project, plan, and coordinate, ensuring alignment with your business goals.

DevOps and Infrastructure Team

Experienced in managing the infrastructure and implementing DevOps practices for smooth operations and deployment.

Let's discuss your requirements

What our Client Says

“There’ll always be miscommunications with offshore teams, but there are much fewer than normal with Heaptrace Technologies. When something happens that’s not quite what we want, we have such a forthcoming relationship that it’ll be turned around and dealt with immediately; it’s quite refreshing.”

Steve - President at Enterprise Data Management

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