Challenges Faced by Quality Assurance engineers in Microservice Ecology

Microservices provide unprecedented benefits within a software development environment. They assist in breaking bigger monolithic applications to smaller code & functionality blocks. Several microservices collectively construct a business application, where every single microservice communicates with another one via APIs.

On the other hand, this method has got its own challenges. The reality that there are multiple microservices creating an application means, followed by testing every single microservice individually, the entire application should also be approved to make certain that it is performing as required.  This makes the entire process of testing very complex. 

Moreover, along with every microservices, there is a need for getting APIs also tested, to ensure the seamless communicate amongst them.

Thus, the process of testing requires comparatively more testing engineers with detailed planning. However, nowadays, there are a number of solutions evolving to make the task smoother.  

Service Virtualization Products

The traditional method for testing cannot perform the detailed testing of every single inputs and output. At most, it can simulate definite end-points utilizing data. This merely offers fundamental verification of code & functionality. Also, isn’t reliable for simulating the real-world atmosphere where the application will actually be used.

This challenge can be beaten utilizing products of third party service virtualization that have become popular with time. These can simulate the end-point of an API in a manner that the overall call tree will get utilized, similar to that of the business environment. 

Unit & Integration Tests

CUnit Tests, as well as Integration Tests, make certain that each and every piece of the code even at the lowest levels is tested. Also, it ensures that every single microservice has been tested.

Likewise, other hacks that make the jobs of the QA engineers easier include System & User Acceptance Tests as well as Validating and Monitoring API Runtimes.

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