Eyeing the latest Trends of Java Technology

Moving towards Java

Oracle had officially released Java SE (Standard Edition) 9 in September 2017. The current version of Java comes along with more than 150 novel features plus APIs (application programming interfaces).

Real-Time Application Development

Nowadays a huge number of appliances and devices are capable of delivering precise information rapidly by means of real-time software applications. When developing real-time applications, several programmers choose Java than any other language for programming. Moreover, APIs given by the standard edition of Java enables the programmers in writing traditional real-time applications for a number of appliances plus equipment. Further, the programmers might even take benefit of the APIs given by the Java Standard Edition in order to have efficient execution of the real-time applications along with their integration with the 3rd party components smoothly. Java would probably be utilized extensively via developers for the development of applications in the upcoming future.

Modularity Principle of Designing

Programmers can now take advantage of extensively utilizing the modularizing of the design principle when programming in Java 9. Besides, they are now capable of just development of big and composite applications by means of divining the program within the several modules. Also, it helps in deploying modules like effortlessly associated units. 

Diversification of Modules 

Along with dividing the program in different modules, Java SE 9 is even capable of enabling developers to utilize a diversity of modules including unnamed modules, application modules, platform modules, and automated modules. The developers actually can utilize application modules for accomplishing particular working. Similarly, they can use unnamed modules for including JAR files followed by classes over the class trackway. Further, the automated modules help in exporting the essential packages plus ingress other modules. 

Alike these trends there are several other trends a smart Java developers keep an eye on, in order to keep their applications programming relevant and efficient for a longer period of time. Some other trends also include:

  • Augmentation of traditional solutions of Big Data
  • Kotlin for the development of Android Applications
  • Development of IoT Application
  • New Tools and Frameworks for Development

However, these trends will keep updating from time to time and with the changing needs of the people.

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