Recruitment Market Buzzing with Innovation

Nowadays, Artificial Intelligence has already started taking over the world of Human resource by a storm. The past year has been a game-changer with AI-driven solution in the recruitment industry for multiple arising problems including automated candidate sourcing, diversity hiring, hiring remote workers, enhance candidates experience as well as eradicated bias. Thus, it won’t be wrong to predict there will AI-powered solution will soon completely kick off almost every segment of the recruitment funnel.

Moreover, integrating ML to the solution along with AI can enable getting fascinating outcomes for job seekers.  For instance, this will assist any user to get automated job recommendations depending upon the keywords they have used in their Resume like experience, technology, industry, location and others.

Let’s have a look at one of the very first  AI-powered job portal that is integrated with ML and Microsoft Azure cloud. This offers a one-stop solution for all job seekers as well as organizations seeking the best potential regardless of the location. We are at the final stage of developing this solution for one of our clients in the US. The solution will provide the topmost matching jobs with the candidates with the assistance of artificial intelligence. Furthermore, one can link their Linkedin accounts that will enable them to get the analysis of their profile. 

In addition to job recommendations, the solution can help candidates in brushing up their skills with the most trending questions asked in the interview. 

This is just the start of revolution within the Human Resource or recruitment industry with the arrival of the first AI-based career service. And aforementioned are a few features of it that will change the lives of active job seekers as well as people seeking for a switch in their current position.

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