Software Agencies Working On Healthcare

Software Agencies Working On Healthcare Project More Over 7 Years

Here we discussed Software Agencies Working On Healthcare. Software agencies have many clients to work with across several industries. In the process of doing that, some agencies choose their expertise in a given industry and take it forward to build the best possible brand in that sphere. 

Here are the best software agencies working on healthcare projects for over seven years


Codal is a software development agency based out of Chicago, Illinois, in the United States, and is known to help businesses transform into streamlined and proactive operations with software development and other eCommerce services. They follow a modern process and use Agile methods to create a driven and market-tested core belief to create an excellent customer experience. 


Exaud – Precise Software Solutions is an agency based out of Portugal with a comparatively small team specializing in developing custom software and solutions for clients. They have been in business and the healthcare industry for over ten years and have successfully led projects for several worldwide companies in their process of digital innovation and transformation. Exaud has proven technical expertise in several spheres and has done multiple large-scale healthcare projects worldwide. 

Kanda Software

Kanda Software is a highly reputed software agency based out of the United States in Boston, Massachusetts. It is a highly reputed company and has worked in the industry for over 27 years and has worked for big companies from all across the globe. They have established themselves as a trusted Software Development, Cloud Engineering, and Developer Operations Agency. They have a varied clientele starting from innovative startups to large enterprises.

Intetics Inc

Based out of Naples in Florida, this software company is the leading global technology agency that provides custom software and application development. They offer several digital transformation services in RPA, AI/ML, Internet of Things, and Blockchain technologies. They follow strict structures with distributed teams and have software product quality assessments. 

Relevant Software

Relevant Software is a digital product design and development company based out of Poland. It is known for its trustworthiness and efficiency in services. They are great at providing flexibility to customers and are also known for smooth communication and excellent project management skills. They genuinely get involved with the project and product that they are building. It is a very well-known company for designing websites and primarily focuses on developing user interfaces and UX designing.


This company specializes in software development and consulting services for several Fortune 500 companies worldwide. They have a staff of 2000 professionals and an excellent sales force across three continents. This company helps businesses understand their true potential and unlock it to further diversify and grow business in the digital space by providing customized programming solutions. The company is based out of Estonia, and it is known for its ability to honestly treat every project as a challenge and bring out the best possible product.


This software development company is very well accomplished and specializes in team-based resources that strategic software needs. They are highly skill and are based out of San Francisco, California. They have a relatively minor workforce that specializes in providing very professional software development services, which are clients. The company is highly rated among its customers and enjoys fantastic reviews on the web.


Based out of Colorado in the United States, this company helps customers of various sizes and across multiple industries. They genuinely help companies and startups to evolve in the digital space by providing them with design development and software that supplies their digital needs. The company follows a strict policy that provides 100% tailored services. It enables integrated digital enterprises and helps businesses, from process inquiry to modeling and systems engineering. This is one of the top software agencies working on healthcare projects.

Devox Software

This is a company based out of Ukraine and are specialists in providing end-to-end full-cycle development in the digital space. It is located across five countries and helps several SME and enterprise-level companies in the digital transformation of their business. They are also flexible, where the customers can choose an entire team or hire a particular profession as a part of the project.


This is a digital agency based out of San Jose California. It has partnered with several big brands like Google and Nike. They are based in the heart of Silicon Valley and provide services to global brands. Also, help them design and develop elevated and advanced platforms on the web. They are known for their excellent customer service and innovation. The company is always up to date with the latest advancements in tech and the demands of various industries. 


Firstly, this very well-reputed digital product agency offers consumer-grade UX design, follows a B2B model, and provides services to various enterprises. They help several market leaders in the healthcare and manufacturing industries. The company offers support to gauge tech-driven revenue and increase customer engagement while ensuring customer retention. EMERGE specializes in UX design, strategy, and UI design primarily. They are also recognized for providing excellent iOS and Android mobile app development and web development. This company is based out of Oregon. 


This company is based out of Croatia and provides a one-stop shop for all web and software development needs. Moreover, the company also provides design and team augmentation services in building new products from idea to deployment. The company is famous for its strong business acumen and aligning its own goals with its customers to provide the best experience. Kodius is famous for all designing and development services that companies need across different industries and different markets across the globe.


As a result, choosing a Software Agencies Working In the Healthcare industry is challenging as so many incumbent developers are present in the market. It often becomes difficult to trust an agency with the enormous amount of money needed to build a perfect digital transformation project for companies in the healthcare industry. The aforementioned industries have excellent ratings across the globe, and most clients trust them. So they are indeed worth a try. 

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