Software companies are certified ISO 27001

Software companies are certified ISO 27001

While investing in the products and services of any company globally, customers look out for certifications to gauge the credibility and trustworthiness of the organization. For these reasons, most companies that get certified by accredited certification bodies usually enjoy a better brand recall and greater customer base than others. For the information technology sphere, Software companies are certified ISO 27001 is a certification that is crucial for software development agencies. 

Here is all that you need to know about the Software Companies that are certified ISO 27001

What is ISO 27001 certification?

Although the web is a space where every business is trying to spread its operations and make complete use of it, there is always a big privacy risk whenever an individual gives out any sort of information on the web. The ISO 27001 certification demonstrates whether an organization has invested in the people, process, and technology, in the forms of tools and systems to protect the organization’s confidential data and helps to provide an independent and expert quality check to know whether your data is safe and protected. 

The entire certification is done over an audit of several parameters that check the security layers of data protection in an organization, and an accredited certification body does it. It helps customers, investors, and other stakeholders to have evidence that the organization is managing and working with the data and is involved in protecting it according to international standards. 

Many regulatory requirements such as the GDPR, HIPAA, and CCPA have pressured development organizations to safeguard and protect consumers’ data. ISO 27001 has become a necessary compliance today and is extremely important. 

This is why many software companies all across the globe need to be certified with the ISO 27001 certification to successfully operate across several industries and the webspace. This also gives enough assurance to the customer to trust in a company, which helps the brand build its credibility. 

Benefits of the ISO 27001 certification

Since ISO 27001 is a globally recognized certification, it has over 40,000 organizations certified. This is crucial as it helps organizations align their data protection and security protocols to an established and trusted benchmarking system. 

1. Protects Consumer Data. An ISO 27001 certified ISMR helps protect any form of information or data supplied to them, whether using digital, paper-based, or cloud-based platforms. This is what helps companies show credibility. 

2. Protection Against Cyber Attacks. Investing in an ISMS will help significantly reduce the risk of data breaches and help build a robust cyber security system that can protect your information from any potential security threats. 

3. Greatly Reduces the Costs in The Long Run. An ISMS is always focused on the risk assessment and analysis approach. This helps any ISO 27001-certified organization reduce costs spent on adding security layers in building a defensive technology. 

4. Establish a Security Compliance Motive – Companies with an ISO 27001 certification are more likely to have employees who will be motivated to keep the certification and work while being more aware of information security risks and measures that will traverse through all levels of the organization. 

5. Meeting Obligations of the Contract –  To keep the certification and not falter on any parameter, a certified company will always keep its reputation and process several quality check mechanisms to commit to information security. This is also evidence that the organization is formally committed to complying with every information security measure laid out by the certification clause. 

6. Evolution From Security Threats – An ISO 27001-certified organization can recover from threats easily without any major harm in most cases. They keep evolving information security risks as they use processes according to the certification standard’s requirements.

Companies That are ISO 27001 Certified

Here is a list of Software companies that are certified ISO.

1. Skyflow – Skyflow is a data privacy solution that is an ISO 27001-certified company based out of India. They focus on building trust with sensitive data across several industries. They are dedicated to ensuring that they secure and privately store data for their clients. 

2. Integra Global Solutions – This company has been a software and solution provider for a very long time and has worked for several global companies across a variety of industries. They are certified by several accredited bodies across the globe. They are a one-stop shop for all IT-enabled services. 

3. itCraft – This is a mobile and web app development service based in Poland and an ISO-certified organization. They are best recognise globally for their out-of-the-box digital innovations in the tech space. They work in custom coding, web development, and digital communication services. 

4. Velocity Software Solutions – This is a leading eCommerce web development company based out of Noida in India. They are an ISO 27001-certified company and have a wide variety of services ranging from Android application development and web development, to name a few. 

5. E2Logy Software Solutions – This ISO 27001-certified company offers high-quality web and mobile development. They are also engaging in the fields of database development and design services. They have a team of highly qualified professionals. Who ensures the best service and is highly reputed and ranked by the customers. It is headquartered in Ahmedabad in India. 


It is always advisable and prudent to invest and work with an organization that is ISO 27001 certified. For all software development needs as you get the assurance of negligible privacy and data leakage. You also get the assurance of quality. Choose wisely and ensure that certification is an important parameter when you finalize any organization for your tech needs.

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