Software Development Tools that will make you more productive

Software Development Tools that will make you more productive

It’s critical to keep up with the fast-paced, ever-changing world of software development. When it comes to picking which software development tools to use for your daily activities at work, there are a lot of alternatives, and in order to produce functional software efficiently, you’ll need the best software development tools available, as they’ll make your life a lot easier! Software Development Tools that will make you more productive.

There are many software development tools available, and picking the ideal one might be difficult. As a result, we at Heaptrace decided to assist you by compiling a list of the top 13 software development tools we believe make a difference!

Top 13 Software Development Tools:

It isn’t easy for developers. They are frequently at the center of a project, especially when it comes to developing critical software and tools, as well as ensuring that everything functions properly. And it’s a demanding and responsible position. Participating in the software development process, which may entail research, design, programming, or testing computer software, is tough for developers. Their hands are constantly occupied, and they must remain concentrated in order to avoid making any mistakes. As a result, with all of the jobs, data, and deadlines, it’s easy to lose productivity.

Developer productivity tools can save the day by making work faster, easier, and more efficient. They can also assist ease the pressure of repetitive jobs by automating some and removing others entirely. Take a look at this list of the top 13 developer productivity tools. You can use them in your work whether you work independently, solo, or in a team, and regardless of your degree of skill. These tools will simplify your work, provide you with peace of mind, and help you keep organized.


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The most popular software development platform on the planet. GitHub is a service for hosting Git repositories on the web. To put it another way, it’s a Google Drive for software projects where you can store code. You can choose to make your project public or private when uploading it. The project base is significantly larger than the community. GitHub is also a great platform for developers to collaborate, as it allows them to find, share, and build better software.


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Slack is where all of the work gets done. It’s where you’ll find the people you need, the information you’ll share, and the tools you’ll need to get things done. Slack helped us minimize the number of daily emails we received while also improving communication between teams. We build numerous channels in Slack and always have a common one where we discuss company news, jokes, and other information. I’d say it’s brought us even closer together! It also helps you keep focused because each channel has its own topic; you always know where to locate information and where you may ask a question on a certain issue and receive an immediate response.

You also have the option of using the chat feature to communicate directly with each member of the team in real-time while switching between channels. If that wasn’t enough, there’s also a drag and drop tool that’s a lot of fun to use, allowing you to share all kinds of files, add comments, and even tag individuals.


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This is one of the most effective productivity tools for developers who wish to establish healthy habits in a stylish manner. Habitica transports you to a pixel-like platform environment where you play as a hero battling daily, weekly, and long-term goals, habits, and to-do lists. You earn points for completing goals, find new animals, and purchase weapons to increase your strength. The more tasks you fail at, the less strength you have. And keeping your character alive is the challenge. It’s a great method to start a new habit or work on a project and skills in a fun way.


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There is little doubt that a developer’s most valuable asset is his or her eyes. And you’re well aware that working with weary, dry eyes may be a major challenge. As a result, because engineers spend so much time staring at a computer screen, it’s critical to look after their eyes. F.lux assists with this by adjusting the color of your screen according to your time and location (from sunset to sunrise). Warm hues not only make your work environment more comfortable and natural for your eyes, but they also ensure that you are not exposed to the negative effects of bad lighting. You can be more productive, your eyes will be healthier, and you will sleep better.

Sublime Text

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In terms of software, Sublime Text Productivity also refers to a pleasant working environment. Sublime Text is a code editor with a user-friendly and easy-to-use interface. It provides comfort for the eyes as well as usability. You may use Sublime Text to markup and program in a variety of languages. Also can also go between files, edit lines of code, and rapidly switch between multiple projects. You can also activate the distraction mode in this tool, which makes it easier to stay focused and productive. Software Development Tools that will make you more productive


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The Codeanywhere is the most effective product solution for developers who operate in groups and need to collaborate on a single piece of code at the same time. All you have to do is send your team members the link to this code editor and they can all work in real-time. You’ll be able to see who’s working on what and what modifications your colleagues have made. In the editor, you can also choose from over 70 languages.


Software Development Tools that will make you more productive

This application works in a similar way as TimeCamp in that it keeps track of time. When you’re programming, however, it follows you around. It displays all of the facts about your work as a developer, including the file you’ve been working on, the operating system you’re using, and even the language you’re using. On the Leaderboard, you can compete with your teammates to see who has the best coding score. You can manage your budget and productivity as a developer at the same time if you use WakaTime and TimeCamp together. The two are ultimately the best productivity tools for developers when used together.


Software Development Tools that will make you more productive

We also make extensive use of Trello. It is, in fact, one of the most widely used and recognized project management applications. Trello’s structure is based on the kanban method of project management. All of the projects are represented by lists on boards. Every list has progressive cards, which you may move around with drag-and-drop. Cards can be assigned to users who are connected to the board. It includes a lot of useful functions, such as commenting, attaching files, setting due dates, creating checklists, adding colored labels, integrating with other apps, and so on.

Numerous studies have demonstrated that listening to certain music stimulates the brain, resulting in improved performance. This is also true of game and film music. If you’re one of those persons who find that listening to soundtrack music increases their work, is a fantastic option. Don’t hesitate to check out the website’s around 30.000 titles of music from games, movies, trailers, and television shows.


Software Development Tools that will make you more productive

It is a cutting-edge task management program with built-in chat functionality. It lets your team interact and manage assignments and projects all in one spot. It’s a cross between Slack and Trello. space comes with a slew of important features that any excellent collaboration tool should include: You can see three boards in one location thanks to its design: your team and spaces (various channels), chat, and a list of cards with tasks. You can simply make a task out of a portion of your chat. The task board allows you to see all of your projects in one spot. You can change the date, assign individuals to it, add categories, descriptions, files, and comments to it. Software Development Tools that will make you more productive


Software Development Tools that will make you more productive

It is a completely free time tracker that can be used by an endless number of people. Software that helps developers optimize work, such as our time tracker, is one of the best productivity tools for developers. It helps you to easily and transparently arrange all of the data related to your projects and tasks: The desktop program keeps track of not just how much time you spend working, but also what you do with that time. You will receive all of the information in the form of accurate and easy-to-understand reports. You can break down your projects into smaller assignments. Also you can measure productive and unproductive efforts using the function of assigning assignments a level of importance.

Stack overflow

Software Development Tools that will make you more productive

It is a community for programmers to learn, collaborate, and enhance their careers in software development. This forum is used by both novices and seasoned practitioners to find answers to their technical questions and concerns. It has a 50 million-strong online developer community. Professionals and university students make up about half of the monthly active users. Back-end developers, front-end developers, full-stack developers, DevOps specialists, mobile developers, and database administrators are among the profiles with the most utilization, according to the company’s 2020 poll.


Software Development Tools that will make you more productive

It is critical for software developers to stay current with industry trends and technologies. As a result, they follow a number of authors and tech websites. It can be difficult to decide what to read in today’s world of information overload. Feedly and other organizational tools can help you make sure you don’t miss out on content that you’re interested in. Create a list of your favorite newspapers, news subjects, YouTube channels, and blogs with Feedly. It’s essentially a cloud-based aggregator service that sorts your feed into categories based on your preferences. Software Development Tools that will make you more productive

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